Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council performs a work of service to the parish as an advisory committee to the pastor.  The council consists of parishioners selected by discernment and staff members that head the major departments within the parish.  They act as representatives of the parish and merge their expertise, insights, and experience to act as the Pastor’s principal consultants.  Please feel free to call a parish pastoral council member with any concern or suggestion you might have.  They are the parishioner’s liaison to the leadership.


Chair: Cathy DeFurio

Past President: Marc Peden

Members: Claire Vila, Harry Kimball, Chris Carrere, Ashley Miller, John Bencivenga, Dana Jordan, Irene Rodriguez, Mary Beth Vander Wel

Ex-Officio Members: Rev. Len Plazewski, Rev. Curtis Carro, Deacon Paul Haber, Deacon Ron Fly, John Weir, Wendi Peña, Terry Boehm

Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council has the responsibility of reviewing financial information pertaining to the operation of our Church and School. The Finance Council also approves the annual budgets and is involved in the approval of all major capital expenditures. Members of the Finance Council are appointed by the Pastor.


Chair: Kimberly Perez

Members: Chris Schellman, Dan Johnson, Harry Kimball, Kevin Cimino, Marc Spencer, Paul Whiting, Sr., Peter Collins

Ex-Officio Members: Rev. Len Plazewski, Joseph Corsetti, Nick Tanis, Wendi Peña, Danielle Welsh, John Weir, Colette Davis