Parochial Vicar

Senior Priest

Fr. Jacob Monteleone

Permanent Deacon

Permanent Deacon




Pastoral Ministries & Outreach



Katie Holland

Director of Pastoral Ministries and Outreach, Ext. 2233

Finance & Administration



Wendi Peña

Director of Finance & Operations, Ext. 2234




Kathleen Mault

Worship Coordinator, Ext. 2223




Kurt Frazho

Parish Facilities Manager



Stephen Banyra

Director of Music Ministries, Ext. 2259



Heather Darrey

Records & Finance Manager, Ext. 2224


Jim Mascarenhas

Religious Education Coordinator, Ext 2246



Matt Jeffries

Finance Coordinator, Ext. 2227



Neil Kennedy

Adult Formation & Evangelization Coordinator, Ext 2251

Adult Confirmation, RCIA, Baptism


Patrick Laratta

Stewardship Coordinator Church, Ext. 2222



Patrizia Planzo

Communications & PR Manager, Ext. 2225



Colette Davis

Parish Executive Assistant, Ext. 2229


Marian Cayabas

Faith Formation Assistant, Ext 2248


Office Coordinator, Ext. 0


Clare Naghdi

Youth Minister, Ext. 2276

Facilitates programming for grades 6-8 (EDGE) and 9-12 (Life Teen).



Maggi Neil

Youth Ministry Secretary, 813.873.2804


Maria Pendleton

Nursery Coordinator, Ext. 2273


Christ the King Catholic School

School Office

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