Parochial Vicar

Senior Priest

Fr. Jacob Monteleone

Permanent Deacon

Permanent Deacon




Pastoral Ministries & Outreach



Katie Holland

Director of Pastoral Ministries and Outreach, Ext. 2233

Finance & Administration



Wendi Peña

Director of Finance & Operations, Ext. 2234




Kathleen Mault

Worship Coordinator, Ext. 2223




Bill Hoyt

Parish Facilities Manager, Ext. 2271




Jim Mascarenhas

Religious Education Coordinator, Ext 2246




Heather Darrey

Records & Finance Manager, Ext. 2224



Neil Kennedy

Adult Formation & Evangelization Coordinator, Ext 2251

Adult Confirmation, RCIA, Baptism



Matt Jeffries

Coordinator of Stewardship & Finance, Ext. 2227



Marian Cayabas

Faith Formation Assistant, Ext 224



Colette Davis

Parish Executive Assistant, Ext. 2229


Clare Naghdi

Youth Minister, Ext. 2276

Facilitates programming for grades 6-8 (EDGE) and 9-12 (Life Teen).

Office Coordinator, Ext. 2221


Maggi Neil

Youth Ministry Secretary, 813.873.2804



Andrew O’Connor

Director of Music Ministries, Ext.2259


Maria Pendleton

Nursery Coordinator, Ext. 2273


Christ the King Catholic School

School Office

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