Baptism: Frequently Asked Questions


How old should my infant child be to be Baptized?

Under ordinary circumstances, parents should see to the Baptism of their infants within the first few weeks/months: “As soon as possible after birth, even before it, they are to approach the parish to ask for the Sacrament for their child and to be themselves prepared for it” (Canon #876). The first consideration in determining the time is the welfare of the child. If the child is sickly, the Baptism should not be unduly delayed.


What if my child is no longer an infant?

As long as your child is less than seven years of age, the process and requirements are the same. Depending on the understanding and maturity of your child, this might be a wonderful opportunity for them to share in the preparation for the Sacrament.

If your child is seven or older, we will work with you to find the best pathway that leads your child to the Sacrament of Baptism – and the other Sacraments.


Must you be a registered member of Christ the King Catholic Church in order to have your child Baptized here?

As mentioned above, it is presumed that you are practicing your faith and registered in the parish, if not now is the time.

If you are called to worship here at Christ the King and have a desire to be a part of our parish faith community then you are welcome to register with us. We will then gladly move forward with the scheduling of the Baptism.

There are always special cases where we are happy to work with non-parishioners of Christ the King to provide the Sacraments of the Church to their children. In these cases, we ask for a letter of permission and delegation from the pastor of their home parish.


When are Baptismal preparation classes for parents?

Our Baptism class is a two part series every other month – Baptism Session A and Baptism Session B – on select Sunday mornings from 10:15am – 12:00pm. You can register for these classes here. Parents would come to both sessions. Godparents are invited to both sessions, but would be specifically required to come to Session B. Godparents would also register for Session B with the same link above.


Do both parents have to attend a Baptismal preparation class?

Yes, both parents must attend a Baptism class if this is their first child being Baptized. If both parents have attended a Baptismal preparation class since 2017 at Christ the King or another parish, we would welcome their participation but do not require that they attend again. If the Godparents are from out of town, they can attend a class at their own parish. That parish can send a letter to Christ the King confirming that the Godparent did attend a Baptism class there.


What do we have to do in order to set the date for the celebration of Baptism?

Please review the Baptism Step by Step Guide assigned to your child’s age. They can be found under the baptism forms section on this page. Once all of the steps are completed, we will then discuss dates for baptism.


Requirements for Parents


Are there requirements of the parents who want to have their child Baptized?

At least one of the parents should be a practicing Catholic willing to commit to the task of rearing their child in the faith of the Church.

Parents should accept that they are the first and foremost teachers of the faith. Parents must also be registered and active parishioners at Christ the King.


What does it mean to be a “practicing Catholic”?

It means that not only do you hold true all that the Church teaches and proclaims, but that you are active in worship and liturgical celebrations of the Church. There are many who find that the birth of a child is a great time to begin the active participation in their Catholic faith.


Are there costs associated with the Baptismal preparation or the ceremony?

There are no fees for the preparation program, or for the ceremony. Some families offer a donation to the priest/deacon who performs the Baptism. These are not expected. For those families who choose to make offer a donation can give this donation to the priest or deacon.



When are Baptisms scheduled?

Baptism are typically scheduled twice a month. Your meeting with Neil Kennedy will outline the process in detail.


What should my child wear for the Baptism?

We ask that you dress your child in a white garment to represent the purity and new birth into their faith.


How many Baptisms take place each Sunday?

We schedule up to six children at each Baptism.



Requirements for Godparents

What is the role of a godparent?

Godparents need to be actively involved in the Catholic tradition because they serve as models and guides to the child and the parents. They, along with the priest and the parents, welcome the child to the community and signify that welcome by marking the child with the sign of the cross. The godparents promise to support the parents in raising the child in the practice of the Catholic faith. A godparent is encouraged to send a spiritual card to their godchild at Christmas, Easter, birthday and Baptism anniversary. This will be discussed in more detail in our Baptism Session B class.


Whom should I choose as godparents for my child’s Baptism?

This is a very personal decision. However, the Church does ask that certain requirements be met.

At least 16 years of age

A practicing Catholic who is Baptized and Confirmed and has received First Holy Communion

If married, the marriage is Sacramentally blessed by the Catholic Church

Someone other than the parents of the child to be Baptized

Leading a life in harmony with the Catholic faith and the role they are about to assume

Attending weekly Mass

Must attend the pre-Baptism class at CTK or their home parish

Godparents complete a Godparent Eligibility Form that is to be signed by the godparent and pastor of their Catholic Church stating that they are a practicing Catholic, or a letter from their parish stating that they are members of that parish and eligible to be a godparent.


How many godparents may I have?

You may have no godparents, one godparent, or a godmother and a godfather.

We very often receive requests for more than one set of godparents. Canonically only two godparents (a godmother and/or a godfather) will be recorded in our baptismal records and on the certificate. Any others are welcome to be present at the font, but are not technically godparents.


Do both godparents have to be Catholics?

Yes, a godparent, by definition, is Catholic – thus all godparents are Catholic. Baptized and active Christians of other denominations may serve as a “Christian Witness”. If you choose to do so, you may have one Christian Witness and one godparent of the opposite gender. Baptized Catholics may not serve as a Christian Witness.

Non-Christians may not serve either as godparents or Christian witnesses, but are always welcomed to participate in the celebration.