Annual Parental Permission/ Release for Communication and Photos

Method of Communication Release: During the year your teenager is a member of the parish youth ministry, we do try to keep them up-to-date with dates for meetings and/or changes in our calendar of events. With the implementation of the Safe Environment policies within the Diocese of St. Petersburg, we are now seeking your permission for these items.
  • First & Last
  • I also give permission for the Parish Coordinator of Youth Ministry and/or youth ministry team leaders to use this contact information to communicate with him/her. We understand that any addresses received through the parish youth ministry will only be used for the parish youth ministry purposes.
  • Publicity/Photo/Video Release

    From time to time, publicity releases for newspapers, television, website, mass announcements, bulletin, and other media may be prepared about events occurring at the parish. Photos will also be used in the weekly parish bulletin. These may or may not be accompanied by photos or videotape of students. The releases may be prepared by Christ the King Parish or media representative.