FOCUS Missions is a worldwide outreach ministry that seeks to guide college students towards Heaven. FOCUS puts on a SEEK conference for thousands of young adults every year, but this year it’s coming to YOU.  February 4 – 7, 2021, we’re doing something that’s never been done before- and that is bringing thousands of people together for an all new SEEK experience for ALL people held at Christ the King!

Whether it’s through moderated speaker sessions, small group breakouts, shared mealtimes, and more, SEEK21 is your chance to be accompanied in your faith journey on a more personal level, right where you are. It’s what makes this year’s event extraordinary.




Register to participate in a small group and journey through this exciting opportunity to hear from speakers such as Bishop Robert Barron, Fr. Mike Schmitz, Sr. Miriam James, and Edward Sri. Participate in small group discussions with other Christ the King Parishioners and grow in love with Christ and his Church.

There are TWO ways to Participate:

  1. Virtual small group with other CTK Virtual Participants (Cost is $40.00 per person)
  2. In Person small group with other CTK parishioners watching live content live streamed. (Cost is $50.00)
What’s included?
Live Stream Content from Top Catholic Speakers around the world!
Access to Impact sessions with even more content from amazing speakers



Feel the call to gather and lead others during this retreat? We are in need of small group leaders! Please contact Katie Holland at if interested!


We are working fervently behind the scenes to make sure the SEEK21 Conference is the best it can be for all of our registrants! Please view UPDATED Schedule below! *Instructions will soon be given to all participants on how to access the Keynotes virtually.


Thursday February 4th

7:00 PM  Arrive
7:15 PM  Welcome/Introduction @ CTK Cafeteria
7:45 PM  Prayer/ Praise @ CTK Chapel
8:15 PM  Live Keynote @ CTK Cafeteria
9:30 PM  Small Group Discussion
10:00 PM  Review of Schedule for the Weekend/Closing Prayer


Friday, February 5th

7:00 PM  Welcome @ CTK Cafeteria
7:15 PM  Prayer/ Praise  @ CTK Chapel
7:45 PM  Recap /Questions /Glory Stories @ CTK Cafeteria
8:15 PM  Live Keynote @ CTK Cafeteria
9:30 PM  Small Group Discussion
10:00 PM  Review of Schedule for the Weekend/Closing Prayer


Saturday, February 6th

8:30 AM  Mass @ CTK Church
9:15 AM  Breakfast @ CTK Cafeteria
9:50 AM  Opening Prayer
10:00 AM  Recap /Questions /Glory Stories
10:30 AM  Live Keynote @ CTK Cafeteria
11:15 AM  Silent Time/Break
11:30 AM  Small Group Discussion
12:00 PM  Closing Prayer/End for the afternoon


 OPTIONAL: small groups can gather for lunch on their own and watch impact sessions together in the afternoon or they can stay in cafeteria.

Optional Confessions – 4:30 p.m. @ Church

5:30 PM  Mass @ CTK Church
6:30 PM  Exposition, Adoration, Praise ( participants may watch the evening keynote on their own time)
7:30 PM  Short Exhortation on Missionary Discipleship
7:40 PM  Celebration in the CTK Cafeteria!
9:00 PM  End for the night!


Sunday, February 7th

All Virtual!

Instructions will be given to all participants on our schedule on how to access the Keynotes for Sunday.

For questions, please contact Katie Holland at